Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Compilation on Time Series and Stochastic Processes geared towards Quantitative Finance

Beware - this is NOT an original piece of work!

I just prepared a compilation from Wikipedia articles and repackaged it into a pdf file. I will later try to repackage it into Kindle format using Caliber. I couldn´t get to upload it to my own site, so I am sending it to Slideshare so you can download it.

It amounts to a LARGE file, almost 200 pages long, so think before you print...

The idea was to put everything together (or almost everything...) in a halfway cohesive manner, to serve as an off-line and free reference for those interested in Time Series, Stochastic Processes and Quant Finance.

Once again, I am NOT responsible for the content, I just compiled it from Wikipedia in English.

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