Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Very nice time series tutorial

Analyticsvidhya is a site which contains a lot of interesting material on Data Science and Analytics.

They recently published a time series tutorial, whose link is enclosed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

StatAce - R via web browser

Still in beta, but the interface is very nice and it looks promising.
You need to register (at to be able to read and save files.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Compilation on Time Series and Stochastic Processes geared towards Quantitative Finance

Beware - this is NOT an original piece of work!

I just prepared a compilation from Wikipedia articles and repackaged it into a pdf file. I will later try to repackage it into Kindle format using Caliber. I couldn´t get to upload it to my own site, so I am sending it to Slideshare so you can download it.

It amounts to a LARGE file, almost 200 pages long, so think before you print...

The idea was to put everything together (or almost everything...) in a halfway cohesive manner, to serve as an off-line and free reference for those interested in Time Series, Stochastic Processes and Quant Finance.

Once again, I am NOT responsible for the content, I just compiled it from Wikipedia in English.

The Economist Charts - Economic Opportunity for women (by country)

Economic opportunity for women: Where to be female | The Economist

The results are not surprising at all. I am, however, quite disappointed with Brazil's ranking. It seems that having a female president had a non significant effect on the opportunities for women so far. But, let's be realistic - cultural changes don't happen easily or quickly most of the times.

The Brave New World of BI

One of many interesting articles on the
subject. My guess is BI will be THE subject for the years to come and reshape business and academia.
The Brave New World of Business Intelligence

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free online courses in stat and data mining - Coursera

I discovered by chance a website that I thought was absolutely wonderful, with sensational and free courses taught by professors from major universities (so far I only noticed universities in the USA).

It looks so good that I signed up for three courses. Now I have no excuses not to learn R.

The link to the homepage is:

I was looking for courses related to Statistics and Data Mining, and found things that seemed wonderful. If you want to start where I began , see :

Monday, December 10, 2012

Presentation - International Symposium on Forecasting 2012

This is my presentation at ISF 2012. The purpose is to forecast the electricity spot price in Brazil through a hybrid neuro-fuzzy/neural network model.

The presentation can also be downloaded from my site at: